Orlando Muay Thai, Kung Fu & Filipino Martial Arts

Group Description

We are a brotherhood of three arts, Muay Thai, Kung Fu and Filipino Martial arts. Are goal is to spread the knowledge of these two ancient arts to those in the Orlando area. We also focus on getting a great workout as well as gaining knowledge on how to defend ourselves. If it's your goal to either get in shape, learn weapons, Filipino or Chinese, learn self defense, add great punching, kicks, knees, and elbows to your current MMA style, then come out and train with us.

Our Orlando Eskrima Group currently meets Monday, Wed, and Sat at times and places below.† Please feel free to swing by and take a free class to feel us out.

Monday's Classes will start at 7:00-9:00pm.
@ Blue Jacket park
2501 General Rees Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789

Wednesday Classes are at 7:00-9:00 pm.
@ Blue Jacket park
2501 General Rees Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789

Saturday Classes are at 10:00-12:00 am.
@ Blue Jacket park
2501 General Rees Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789

Class times for Muay Thai and Jun Li Kung Fu will come shortly.† In the meantime we will have monthly martial arts seminars through meetup.

Our Muay Thai (7 Kingdoms Muay Thai) classes focus on two main things. The first is getting a great work out. Every class starts with a brisk warm up and cardio training and condition. Next are the actual Muay Thai techniques. We go over the various techniques and strategies used in Muay Thai. We go over them train them, and then train them again.

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Kung Fu (Jun Li Kung Fu) was founded on July 20, 1998 by Master Sean Cochran.† It is a combination of many styles of martial arts composed mostly of traditional Chinese Kung Fu.

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In our Filipino Martial arts (Orlando Eskrima), we teach the traditional Filipino martial art of Escrima Serrada.† The art was originally brought here by Master Angel Cabales.† The art of Serrada is a close range form of Filipino Martial art.† It focuses on efficiently defending against a strike then quickly attacking.† The student, beginner or advanced will go through some of the following single stick, double stick, knife, empty hands, kicks and knees, foot traps, empty hands, double knife, long range attacks.

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On Muay Thai

Muay thai is a combative sport native to Thailand. It utilizes stand-up striking as well as various clinch techniques. Muay Thai is known as the ďArt of Eight LimbsĒ because it uses punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. Using all eight points of contact. Muay thai originated from the ancient art of muay boran (ancient boxing). This was a form of unarmed combat used by warriors when they lost their weapons in the heat of battle.

Muay boran was also just referred to as muay. Not only was it being used in war, but also it became an ancient sport. Opponents would fight in front of crowds much like the gladiators did in ancient Rome. These matches were typically fought at festivals and celebrations. At first the fighters would go bare-fisted, but eventually they started to wear lengths of hemp rope tied around their hands and up their forearms.

1921 saw the modernization of Muay Thai, almost as we see it today. After an incident of death the hemp tied hands were replaced with Western style boxing gloves. Around this time period we also see the introduction of actual rings, and rules. Also around this time the actual name of Muay thai comes into use.

Today Mixed Martial arts have propelled the art into a high status. Many of the great MMA fighters of our time have incorporated Muay thaiís powerful punches, elbows, knees and kicks into their arsenal.

On Filipino Martial Arts

Throughout the Philippines history, raiders and enemies from all sides have beset the country. Not only did the threat come from outside the country, but also local conflicts were very common. The need for each village to protect itself was a priority. The Filipino Martial arts have been developed from this need to protect ones family, friends and village. From this battle tested arts came the Filipino martial arts. Just as many villages there are in the Philippines, there are many different styles of Filipino Martial arts.

Unlike most arts where the practitioner starts with his or her empty hands, then works their way up to weapons. Filipino Martial arts start you with weapons the first day. Once the practitioner gets the basic movements of the stick, he or she can move onto the other weapons, such as bolo, or machete, knife, empty hand or even improvised weapons.

Filipino Martial arts have three basic names they go under. They are usually categorized as one of the following, Arnis, Escrima, and Kali. These names usually refer the part of the Philippines the art originated from. Arnis, usually comes from the Luzon (Manila area). Escrima, usually the art comes from the Visayan (Negros area).Kali is a name used in the Moro lands in the south (Mindanao). Philippines the art originated from. Arnis, usually comes from the Luzon (Manila area).

Filipino Martial arts has been gaining more and more prominence because of several Hollywood movies, such as Bourne Series, and the Hunted, just to name a few. Further more many modern masters have been pushing the art and bringing into the spot light to further promote the ancient art.

On Kung Fu

Jun Li Kung Fu was founded on July 20,1998 by Master Sean Cochran. It is a
combination of many styles of martial arts composed mostly of traditional Chinese Kung
Fu. It was set forth with the intent to create a martial art with an array of movements to
cover all instants, from simple to advanced.
The name Jun Li, meaning (heavy force), is not the explanation of movement in
style, but rather, the intent, the heart, the spirit that one should put behind it. "To unlock
your potential, you must use heavy force". Every movement in Jun Li has a real self
defense application, and flows with speed and power. Each form and weapons technique
of Jun Li was devised and arranged in a manner to develop different attributes to benefit
each area of the body.
For the beginner, classes are based on the individual. A beginner is not expected
to do what an advanced person can do. Therefore, the acceleration rate is achieved with
greater progress. For the intermediate to advanced, the classes continue to push your
ability to their limits, striving for your personal best. Jun Li forms were created with a
variety of techniques from traditional styles of martial arts including, Taiji Plum Blossom
Praying Mantis, Northern Shaolin, and Choy Li Fut.
The self defense techniques are simple and effective. In real life, self defense
must be practical, and not devised for just martial arts experts. The physical fitness in
Kung Fu is like no other. The muscle confusion plus cardio vascular that your body will
go through, will continue to burn calories, strengthen muscles, and create greater
flexibility. Also, the mental aspects included in the art form will sharpen your senses and
memory. Every student will be trained with the highest quality and detail.
Let the journey to Mastery begin!