College Park Orlando Bootcamp

Group Description

Join us for thebest Indoor/Outdoor Bootcamp experience in Central Florida. We are convenient to downtown and meet at My House Fitness- College Park, FL. 1814 Edgewater Dr Orlando FL. We call our Bootcamp Happy Hour: a new twist on your old school boring bootcamp workout. Boot Camps are so last year.....At My House Fitness we have Happy Hour!! Each week is different!We have over1,000 sft of space indoors and we are located right next to Dartmouth Park in College Park,Orlando. We bring it inside, outsideor a combo. Its always fun, always intense and always different!! With a certified personal trainer leadingthe way, you'lllearn hundreds of ways to burn calories and buildlean muscle!

Saturday 9am

Tuesday/Thursday 6:00am

Tuesday/Thursday 6:30pm

$12 for one Bootcamp / $110 for 10

Our experience at gettingpeople from all walks of life in the best shape of their lives is to introduce them to people who are wanting to do the same thing! Instead of Happy Hour at the bar drinking mindless calories why not Happy Hour at the gym? Group fitness is great and essential for weight loss, but it isn't just about losing weight. It's about being accountable and building relationships. This is a place where you will meet people that will push you to be your best. You will make friends, laugh at each other, cry together and celebrate successes. We have constructed a variety of Happy Hour Fitness Workouts, that are designed to be challenging yet equally enjoyable!

We are very aware that not everybody is athletically inclined, but by hanging out with driven people, we see all our clients naturally wanting to do better and improve. We do everything that we can in order to foster an empowering environment, one that is both nurturing and challenging. Our goal is to create a team atmosphere that is not merely about getting in shape but about community and being better in everything you do.

As a break from the usual routine of a gym workout, we encourage you to give our Happy Hour Fitness Workouts & Weight Loss Exercises a try. Its not for the faint hearted and if you have any injuries please check with your doctor before doing this type of thing. Go slow at first! We encourage a competitive atmosphere, know your own limits and test them carefully at first. After that just go for it!!

The first step to success in any workout is Mindset! You are going to do this today, for yourself without any negative thoughts or negative self talk. You can push yourself, you can lose the weight, you can be healthy, you can DO IT!