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    Opened in 1990, it was designed as both a theme park and a studio from the start. Universal Studios took the concepts of the Hollywood tour scenes & developed them into larger, stand-alone attractions
  • Ellen DeGeneres

    Welcome to Universal Studios! If youre anything like me, youre here for one reason -- the rides! So get going! Check in at your favorite rides and hang on tight!
  • Marissa Levin

    The Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster is great. But the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Coaster is insane. You can program your own music for it too. Totally worth the wait.
  • Ross McCoy

    Go "Get Your Suit" on the Men In Black ride.
  • Marissa Levin

    The Spiderman simulation ride at Universal Studios is absolutely incredible. Nothing like it!!!
  • Laura Creagan

    Wizarding World of Harry Potter a must
  • Marques Robinson

    Have your soul "collected" by Ihmotep on Revenge of the Mummy.
  • Mary Sterrett

    Drink some butterbeer!! :D
  • Gregorio Feliciano

    Halloween Horror Nights!
  • Orlando Informer

    It is about a 6 minute walk from the turnstiles at Islands of Adventure to the turnstiles at Universal Studios Florida.
  • Mylena Batista

    Muito bacana! No deixe de escolher uma boa msica na montanha russa, hein? E se puder...veja American Idol e Blue Man!
  • Mateus Trajano

    Um dos melhores parques, muito bom, no deixe de ir na rock-it rollercoaster adrenalina pura!!!
  • Hilton Grand Vacations

    Catch the free shuttle to Universal Orlando from Hilton Grand Vacations at SeaWorld.
  • Meyvemix Juice

    Welcome to Universal Studios :)
  • Trina Mason

    Season passes with NO BLACKOUT DATES FOR THE WIN
  • Sari Levinson

    Figure out a way to order your tickets in advance... The Lines for the park tickets at universal are so slow... Wasted so much time here-totally sucks!!
  • Laila K

    ????? ???? ??? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????? ??????. ?? ??? ??? ????
  • Jessika Gomez

    Eat a turkey leg, they are great! Yum yum
  • Perry Ellis

    Perry Ellis loved to have fun the American way! Put on your favorite Perry Ellis graphic t-shirt and shorts and hit the coasters for a summer of fun and style!
  • Joshua Jewell

    Go to Halloween Horror Nights and get through 6 houses in under a hour.
  • Mnica Jimenez

    No te pierdas "The mummy" super genial para los que les gusta un poco ms de adrenalina!
  • ??Autumn??

    The people movers coming in and out of the parking garages are NOT RIDES. you need to walk.
  • Alicia Profetto

    rip ride roller coaster is scary to look at, but a ton of fun to ride! they'll record you the whole time, for purchase!
  • Renee G

    Top three rides.. Hulk, HP Forbidden Journey, and Jurassic Park River Adventure!
  • Andy Vale

    Go on the Jaws ride, be sick violently in the water. Encourage other guests to do the same. It will give the shark something else to eat and may end up saving your life.
  • Carl A

    Better than Hollywood Studios.
  • Stephan Tual

    Come in early at 'rope drop' and you won't have to wait hours for the rides... I find 5-15 minutes to be the average between 9-11am, even during Easter.
  • Alyssa Tischler

    Harry Potter ride is a MUST TRY
  • Hung Tsai

    Get the meal deal with drink!
  • Jaye Jackson

    Hey Mickey ?
  • Elvira Santos

    O Shrek , curtir as musicas de filmes nos lindos cafes e a parada nas belas ruas da cidade cenografia
  • Todd Chandler

    For some great laughs, check out the Kwik E Mart near the Simpson's Ride.
  • Alexander Aguero Alvarez

    El mundo de Harry Potter, Spiderman y Hulk sin increbles!!! Sper recomendado!!!??????
  • Christopher Adams

    Rock it coaster is AMAZING
  • Amber Pointer

    Skip the Express passes & opt for the single rider line - almost as fast without the expensive upgrade!
  • Hafiyyan Abdurrahman

    Opened in 1990, it was designed as both a theme park and a studio from the start. Universal Studios took the concepts of the Hollywood tour scenes & developed them into larger, stand-alone attractions
  • Lamya Sami

    Despicable me & hollywood rip ride rockit are totally worth the wait !!
  • Scott Rienbeck

    Great for special events like Halloween Horror Nights, Mardi Gras, Christmas and so much more.
  • Kelly Singleton

    Love City Walk
  • mLehua

    Favorites - I'd hit this 1st unless u want pure roller coasters than head over to Island's of Adventure. The Rock 'n Roller Coaster is the only 1 worth riding @USF but shuts down often. Hulk is awesom
  • Orlando Informer

    Yeah, Megatron is here. PREPARE FOR BATTLE.
  • TruthorDare.us

    We dare you to ride the Shrek 4-D ride at Universal Orlando then go see the blue man group after eating at Emeril's Restaurant for a little BAM!.
  • Scott Rienbeck

    Get the season pass and get free parking. If you go a few times it's worth it in the parking cost alone! Also, Universal is the BEST theme park in O Town. Have fun.
  • Taryn St

    If you have to choose between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, choose Islands. Unless you are a major motion picture buff, Universal is not as exciting!
  • Dawn B

    Hit the red button on the MIB ride as you get to the big alien to get a 100,000pt bonus!
  • F vestidofloreado

    la atraccin de Harry Potter es increible
  • Greg Browning

  • akaCarioca

    Too much fun! Better prices and waiting times in the fall/winter.
  • Megan Reynolds

    The Mummy is the best ride
  • Steve Borzoni

    Top 6 attractions: transformers 3D, mummy coaster, Simpsons ride (RIP back to the future) men in black, terminator 3d (the most expensive movie ever per minute), rip ride rockit coaster
  • Top Sheet

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  • PhotographySchools.com

    Photo Tip: A great place to grab a great photo of both parks is from the Citywalk lagoon. If you're lucky, you can catch Hogswarth, Rockit coaster, Hard Rock, and Islands of Adventure lighthouse in on
  • Katie B

    For the Universal Studios park, skip buying the Express pass. If you're willing to split up your group, go with the single rider line--it's usually the fastest option.
  • Priscilla Boren

    hogwarts castle. go in as a single rider and you won't have to wait in line
  • Sergio Montaner

    Muy entretenido el parque, no es tan grande como los de Disney. Falta ms reas sombreadas (mucho calor). Falta dar Internet a los visitantes (todos los parques Disney tienen!!).
  • Green is Universal

    Check in here and help Green is Universal plant 1 million trees! With every check in at Share a Tree, theyll plant a tree in partnership w/ Arbor Day Foundation. Spread the word!
  • Larkyn T

    Stay away from the people who are taking surveys. They will suck up your time so bad.
  • Takara F

    Since you're at Universal make sure you ride The Mummy!!! Don't forget Jaws... It's an oldie but goodie!
  • Mike Labelle

    Men in black is must do and its fun!
  • Jason M. Olson

    Trying to get the douchebag badge here.
  • Sandra Eisenberg

    The new Wizarding World of Harry Potter is amazing. Your best bet is to go very early by staying at a Universal hotel that lets you in before the park opens or go late in the day to have fewer crowds
  • Brittanyka Todd

    THE RIP RIDE ROCKET and THE HULK roller coasters are freaken amazing! Definitely worth the wait in line :)
  • Marco Molinari

    Dia maravilhoso nas atraes, em especial Spiderman.
  • Mikey Swift

    Ride the Mummy, best in this park!
  • Jason Urbanski

    Careful sitting in the back, it gets real bumpy :)
  • Laurie Gonzalez

    Wizardry world of Harry potter <3
  • Misty Mckenly

    Simply Awesome! One of the best place in Florida that you must try with best rides ever..
  • Mike Labelle

    Revenge of the mummy is a great ride and a good ride to cool down on. Its always cold in there.
  • Julie D

    Simpsons ride !!! Super !!!
  • Chris Lee

    Have a fun time at the Simpsons Ride.
  • Alison W.

    FREE lockers outside of the Rock It to store your stuff!
  • Garrett Dees

    See how many characters you can kick before being asked to leave. My record is 7.
  • Bill 'Victory' Covaleski

    Even Shaggy knows which beer rules... Victory Beer!
  • Carla

    Vacation Isn't Complete Without A Day At Universal!! I Love Universal Studios!! SO FUN!! =D
  • Carlos Estepa

    Rip ride Rockit rocks, the best ride in the park
  • Dwayne Kilbourne

    Stay at one of the three on-site hotels and get to the front of every line during your stay!
  • MaryKatherine Gallagher

    All the people in front of you will not read the ticket price sign and ask for all possible park to park pricing options just to make your first wait in line memorable :)
  • German Ramos

    I love this place for me is a freedom from the crazy people who I live with ufff
  • TNA OnDemand

    On vacation at Universal Orlando? Like wrestling? Did you know that IMPACT WRESTLING is taped live at Universal? Check Universal for taping info while you're there. It is free with park admission!
  • WeatherZombie.com

    Demand rides based on your favorite zombie movies!
  • Melisa Mae Rilveria

    i had soo much fun here at Universal Studios Florida last week and i cant wait to try the other rides!! whooot wooo!
  • Calvin Lawliet

    Get there early and on a week day when the park is near empty. You can have ridden every ride by mid-noon.
  • Courtney Beal

    Too many tourists!
  • iwan gunawan

    i wan't burger wth frenc fries
  • Ross Arrowsmith

    Better and cheaper than WDW if you like roller-coaster... and Harry Potter, of course. What's with all the Brits - it's like a pilgrimage to Hogwarts ;)
  • Ray Grunch

    A sign should be placed out front for European tourists extolling the virtues of wearing deodorant.
  • Harmoni-Lee Marzo

    the horror makeup show is the best!!!
  • ExerShop

    Welcome to Universal Studios! Be sure to keep hydrated in the heat!
  • Jason Urbanski

    Check out the new EPC
  • Jeremy Rex

    gotta try the butter beer!
  • Megan Irvine

    Lots of good rides in here.
  • Dave Johnson

    Don't press too hard on the fingerprint scanners at the turnstiles. It'll work better that way.
  • Darren Yates

    Get the waiting times app to plan your thrills more easily
  • Aashika Kumar

    Everyone should ride the ET ride and see the Beetelejuice show!
  • Anika Himani

    Simpsons ride!!
  • debra bauders

    Best option is to buy an annual pass and lanyard then have a ball for the next year
  • Belen Z

    Bring water!
  • Edwin Marchan

    Why get online tickets if we still had to go thru a long line at the park to redeem....
  • Nilfer zkan

    Superrdi kendimi ryada gibi hissetim ve 2 gne zor bitti showlar oyuncaklar harika ve kapanis gosterisi hayatimda grdgm en gzel showdu
  • John Woods

    :-) Great fun!
  • Marta Kratz

    Hard Rock !! Melhor de Todos !!
  • Alyssa Juliano

    Parking on the roof is way easier yo find your car
  • Evan[Bu]

    Be sure to bring your wallet...and your patience.
  • Maria Jones

    Express pass is a must. No line was longer than 5 min
  • iwan gunawan

    i like harry potter
  • iwan gunawan

    i like concert hall
  • iwan gunawan

    i like hallowen horror night
  • deden

    wuhuuuu mantraapp
  • Gabby Carter

    Live the Simpson ride the night life everything but this year we choose Busch gardens because of the new ride and it's wait time
  • Benjamin

    The Transformers ride is awesome.
  • Miro Mendes

    no vero ou inverno aps curtir as atraes v se deliciar com uma banana split tima no Ben & Jerry's (Schawb's) .. Sorvete e ambiente excelentes Custa $ 7,50 e serve 2 pessoas 'normais' dont miss it
  • Kevin Quinlan

    Use your index finger to point at attractions.
  • Andres Torres

    Si eres mayor de 13 aos es mucho mejor parque que todos los de Disney
  • Shelly Toll

    he Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster is great. But the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Coaster is insane. You can program your own music for it too. Totally worth the wait
  • Greg West

    Not impressed, way to expensive and so little offerings. Do Disney instead - don't waste your money here.
  • Yolee Black

    The Mummy is very addictive :-)))
  • Scott Wild

    Make sure you take a picture in front of the spinning globe at the park entrance!
  • Brien Davidson

    Avoid the food service people. They will make you miss disney
  • Eliane Marques

  • Danialle Riggins

    5 minute wait time mid week in late morning.
  • Valerie Casey

    check out Simpsons ride!
  • Chase Farley

    Definitely have some iced Butterbeer! Its like a butterscotch float.
  • D Bear360

    Halloween Horror Night Frequent Fear Plus with Express Pass is the best deal for the HHN event. For a better deal on this pass you need to have a Preferred or Premier Annual Pass.
  • D Bear360

    Premier Annual Pass is by far the best deal with free preferred parking, no blackout dates, 8 free water bottles, free nonpeak HHN ticket, and more.
  • Juliana Buzzinaro

    Don't miss Disaster, The Simpsons Ride, ET and Twister.
  • Andres Lecaros

    Please have your ID with you if you forgot it at home go back and get it because the people on time are late because of you....
  • Elaine

    Use the single rider lines. Cuts your wait time in half. Allows you to ride more rides in less time. Even if you have a group of people you may still ride at the same time, just not next to each other
  • Berke Hitay

    One big time-saver tip: take a hint from the attraction "Disaster"s name. It IS a disaster, with very long waiting times for not as much fun. Simply put in one word: Cheesy!
  • Berke Hitay

    The most fun to have imho is the Simpsons Ride. Do the other ones first, leave this towards the end of your stay to leave on a high note.
  • Lauren Kershner

    Ride rip rockit! Skip Jaws. Twister is really informative.
  • Holly Kelly

    Park to park definitely worth it. Express Pass is great. Meal deal not so much.
  • Scott King

    Always get the annual power pass if you plan on being here for a while. I love the rides.
  • Scott King

    I have an annual pass and go here every year!!!! Eat your heart out Disney :)
  • Joy Joyjuice

  • rima si aikim

    wanna visit this place
  • Machine G

  • Kevin Koehler

    The only place for classics!
  • Erin Frank

    Make sure the rip rocket coaster is operating before you go in. It is frequently down.
  • rj espana

    i miss going here.....
  • Hanif Ardiansyah

    great place
  • Brian McConnell

    Go on Mothers Day!! Park was slow and the lines very short!!
  • Danielle

    Excited to visit here! :)
  • Barbara Mecca

    Amo esse parque!!
  • Karina Freire

    One of the best parks!
  • Bryan Hughes

    Bring a water bottle or save a drink cup and get FREE ice and cold water from any Coke Freestyle machine.
  • Eric Flausino ??

    Fascinante! No tem como descrever o quanto bom, estar na Universal! ??????????
  • Davit Willian

    Best simulators of all parks
  • Carlos Mago

    Transformers 4D es lo mejor sin duda
  • Mica Malen

    Excelente el simulador de Harry Potter!! lo mejor de universal
  • Jssica Lopes

    Nossa.. No tenho recomendaes. Melhor parque EVEEEERRRRR. No deixe de ir nos minions, simpsons, transformers, mmia... So excelentes!
  • Pietra Perondi

    Frrrrrrrrrrrio ??
  • Heather L

    Liked this Universal way more than the California Park. Must try the Harry Potter ride. You will want to try it a few times.
  • Barin Hanna

    Express Pass is the best thing.
  • clint gamache

    Check out www.thrillgeek.com for the latest Universal news, photos and videos!
  • rafael souza

    legal essas imagens desse lugar.
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    June 24-29, don't miss out on your chance to learn from the best! The Harlem Globetrotters are hosting some summer skills clinics. For more information
  • Helen Panagako

    The disaster ride is about a half hour of intro before you even get on the ride. Not worth it especially if ur in a time crunch
  • Ana Esther Sanchez Fonseca

    Free parking
  • Jean Louis Rousseau

    Jaws ride is closed(forever).Sad, very sad...
  • Chris D

    Drink butter beer!!!
  • John Lee

    Ham on whole wheat!
  • Dimas Oliveira

    Despicable me freaking aweeeeessssooooommmeeee
  • Zorba

    Hersey aileler iin dsnlms ve herkes iin ok kolay,zorluk yok iyi plan iyi sonu...
  • Patricia Crampes

    Wizarding World of Harry Potter incredible and Spiderman simulation
  • Prithvi

    This place is amazing! Do not miss the Rip Rockit roller coaster. Take a picture with Marilyn Monroe!
  • Marc McLeod

    Don't get the meal plan, it's basically high school cafeteria food. You're better off spending eating at one the restaurants for a buck or two more. Oh, the meal plan doesn't include drinks.
  • Jim Lefcakis

    Meal deal is garbage. The food is horrible fried crap with no healthy options.
  • Orlando Informer

    Get ready to take some surveys!
  • Molly Bourque

    Do not go on Twister. It's hyped up to be super awesome and ends up being a MAJOR let down. TRUST ME.
  • D Bear360

    HHN XXII (2012) tickets are officially on sale at Universal Orlando's official Halloween Horror Nights website.
  • Social News Network

    Riding The Incredible Hulk is a MUST at this awesome theme park.
  • Sarah Miller

    So much better than Disney World! Amazing coasters and rides!
  • Malachi Dior

    Twister was a bust. You just stand there and the special effects you experience are minimal. The Mummy was my favorite! you go upside and there is fire on the ceiling..yea you have to be there lol
  • YouJung

    "Rock It" rollar coaster was very thrilling and I almost died.^^;; They each have Starbucks at every park.
  • Abhinav Sharma

    Islands of Adventure usually has longer lines and is a better place to dish out extra money for the express pass
  • Anita Anongu

    Try the universal cookies,the hulk coaster,and The blue man group. So amazing we done three days of it :)
  • Roberto Takizawa

    Se puder, veja o show das 9pm no lago em comemoracao dos 100 anos da Universal. If U can, see the show of the 100 years of Universal at 9pm
  • DRIVEN 1

    The Simpsons...... Aaaaaaaaaaagh!
  • Ama Fenton

    The brand-new Cinema Extravaganza show premiers 5/8/12, but you can catch a sneak-preview select nights this week. It's their best show yet!
  • TJ

    Fun & a way to relax as well. Use to be a season ticket holder. Never regretted one moment of it. I've always had fun here.
  • Ronny Saran

    Did you take your picture with the globe already?
  • The Stig

    On amusement park rides but all we know is that hes called the stick
  • The Stig

    Some say he like to go
  • Rodolfo Sifuentes

    Mardi Gras! First time here for it with my wife and friends hope I like it.
  • Tim Flucht

    Hit Rip Ride Rockit as soon as you enter the park. And buy the Universal Access Pass. It cuts ride wait times by 1/2 to 2/3. BIG time savings!
  • Sara Andrews

    Ride Spider-Man before they tear it down! BEST ride there!!!
  • Jasper Allen Jacobs

    Looks even better at night!
  • Artem Pugachev

    Also best places in Universal Orlando are Rock It!, The Mummy, MiB and The Simpsons Ride.
  • Artem Pugachev

    Best places are: The Hulk, Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey, The Dragon Challenge, Jurrasic Park Water Ride in Islands of Adventure.
  • Kyle Winnegar

    Spend your tourist dollars here and help keep Orlando beautiful!
  • Bonnie Collins

    Harry Potters Wizarding world was great!!
  • Ray M

    todo perfecto
  • AmBeR w

    theres so many fun things to do....other than the rides! grab a cool drink & find a comfy place to sit down (doesnt even have to be a bench) & people watch!!!! funfun times!
  • Gregory West

    Not bad - Go on the ROCKET
  • Alexander Banks

    Some of the old Nickelodeon shows were filmed here!
  • Sadie Thomas

    The Spiderman ride my sister and I rode got stuck.
  • Marissa Winzig

    Closing jaws was a mistake. Fail, Universal. Fail.
  • Michelle Hurtekant

    Like being in a movie!!! Out of this world!!! A bucket list doer!
  • Roberto Gallardo

    las atracciones son por lo gral de peliculas viejas. necesitan actualizarse
  • fabulous savings

    Die hard coaster fan here & I loved the Incredible Hulk ride (went on several times)!If you're planning on going, buy your tickets with this Viator coupon & you'll save 7% off the price of admission!
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