Universal's Islands Of Adventure

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Phone: (800) 837-2273
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  • Orlando Informer

    Have the adventure of a lifetime through 6 uniquely themed islands including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  • Christy

    The big rides have free lockers to put your stuff in while you ride. Don't leave without trying the frozen Butterbeer from the cart or the Three Broomsticks in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  • Danielle Derrico

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will blow you away. It's amazing. And the Butterbeer is delicious!
  • Zulkeira R. Stefchak

    Def ride Hulk rollercoaster...it's the best ride here!
  • Megan Reynolds

    Butterbeer = Awesome. The frozen is the best
  • Orlando Informer

    It is about a 6 minute walk from the turnstiles at Universal Studios Florida to the turnstiles at Islands of Adventure.
  • Suzan

    be sure to ride Spiderman -- the best ride. trust me on this
  • Tom Combs

    The Hulk is one of the best coasters ever built, Spiderman is unparalleled. This is the best park in Orlando, hands down. forget a day at one of the mouseparks, this is worth the day.
  • Chris Arendall

    Check out the Harry Potter ride it was amazing!
  • Elvira Santos

    O Castelo do Harry Potter h a atraco mais realista dos parques..imperdvel , muita ao e adrenalina !
  • TruthorDare.us

    We dare you to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and ride Flight of the Hippogriff, the Dragon Challenge, and the Forbidden Journey follow that up with a magical meal at Three Broomstick and s
  • Cathy Bradford

    Forget express pass. Save your $ and use single rider lines. 10 min wait, even for Harry Potter stuff!!!
  • Meredith Hansen

    Definitely come after dark. The Hulk & other coasters are far more enjoyable
  • Morgan

    Don't even try hitting up Harry Potter until the sun goes down. Wear sunscreen. Buy a bottle of water and refill it at a water fountain. The water rides make you smell funny, so dump said water on you
  • Jeff Zelaya

    PRICES WENT UP!! So check the website. Florida Residents get discounts. AAA members get discounts, so show your card.
  • Christopher Newland

    I love this place, I have a seasons pass and go all the time!
  • Juan Rodriguez

    Get two or three day passes, they're worth it.
  • Orlando Informer

    The outdoor rides close if there is lightning within five miles, but you can still drink beer.
  • D

    Love the 85 foot drop on Jurassic Park :-)
  • Scott Rienbeck

    Buy a Slytherin scarf in one of the shops @ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to enjoy dirty looks from the rival Gryffindor all day long.
  • FunLifeOrlando

    Annual passholders - buy Butterbeer from inside the restaurant or bar instead of at the carts - show your pass and get a discount!
  • Ross Arrowsmith

    Pass on the Express Pass - save your $
  • Marcinha Guimares

    Muito Boa a montanha russa do Hulk - tem tambm o castelo do Harry Potter e pra falar a verdade eu acho bem enjoado aquele brinquedo. Toda vez q saio de la, saio embrulhada ;-@
  • Marques Robinson

    Skip the locker line inside Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey by entering through Filch's Emporium.
  • Joanne

    Stop here and take a picture!
  • Gregorio Feliciano

    One of my favorite parks!
  • Greg Bartell

    Fastpass is worth every penny! As a group of three who wanted to be on the rides together, we saved HOURS of line waiting and were able to hit both parks in one day! Great purchase!

    The Jurassic Park River Adventure ride takes you through the world of Jurassic Park, including a close encounter with a T-Rex and an 85-foot plunge.
  • Ryan Reister

    Wait in the line for the Harry Potter line at least once even if you don't ride. The line is better than the ride itself! You won't get the same experience in the single rider line.
  • Cody Bell

    Try some of the restaurants inside the park. They are only a little bit more expensive that the fast food places and the quality of the food is soooo much better! I love Mythos at the Lost Continent.
  • Orlando Informer

    When you enter the park, be sure to grab a in-park guide map right away. It includes all the attractions, dining venues, show times, and characters meet and greets.
  • Nique Norman

    Harry Potter World is the BEST
  • Tom L.

    Wizarding Word of Harry Potter is a MUST!
  • Elicia Johnson

    Take the city bus, wear flops, and wears bathing suit or clothes that dry fast.
  • Marques Robinson

    Be sure to check the wait times!
  • Jamie DiGrazia

    The frozen butterbeer is way better than the unfrozen:-) both are delicious
  • mauren rigo

    Tem que ter estmago pra ir na montanha russa do hulk
  • Melanie Hardy

    Islands of Adventure is Jammed during the summer. This week they've been giving time tickets just to get into Harry Potter. Go early and get a time ticket if you want to visit potter.
  • Matthew Gerrell

    There is a side entrance to universal studios by blue man group from IOA. No one ever goes there, so no line to get in
  • Antonio Rodriguez

    I like this one better them Universal.
  • Kelly Singleton

    IOA has the best roller coasters in Central Florida
  • Helen Rehm

    the Spiderman ride rocks! and for little ones, the One Fish, Two Fish ride is silly fun. The Bluto ride gets you SOAKED--Be sure you have $5 cash for the people dryer! so much fun!
  • 4sqORL

    You WILL Sunburn without sunscreen!
  • Brian Roberts

    Harry Potter was standing room only and 90 min wait for a 1 in 30 chance at a wand picking your kid. The park was better at keeping people cool than Disney and there are way more conveniences.
  • Mike Young

    If you like hour long waits visit Harry Potter land. An hour plus just to get into the area. Even stores have long waits. The one new ride is very good, on par with Simpsons and Spiderman.
  • Luciana Manfredini Melo

    Sem duvida o melhor parque de todos, atraes como o Castelo de Hogwarts e a montanha russa do Hulk so imperdveis.
  • Federico Hernandez

    Better than "studios" (get the butterbeer at harry potter world!)
  • Kyle Smith

    Possibly the best designed theme park in the world!
  • Jason Urbanski

    If there's no one waiting for the tram, chances are you just missed it... Might be worth walking through the park
  • Wesley Jones

    Must do: Wizarding world of harry potter especially the hogwarts ride. Hulk rollercoaster, Jurrasic park water ride, dudley do right water ride. We had a great time. Way better than Universal
  • Chanel Latham

    For FREE Express Pass' stand by the Hulk around 7 or 8PM - tired families give them out bc they are leaving!! (Got mine for FREE last night!) ;)
  • Ashlie M

    Get butterbeer souv. Cup. Soda refills are only .85!
  • Nick Pattengale

    The mandrake sounds are really annoying. Avoid at all costs
  • dawn bricker

    Jurassic park discovery center has benches downstairs and behind them are outlets to charge your phone
  • Brittanyka Todd

    All I can say is: HARRY POTTER/ HOGSMEADE :) All of the rides were absolutely amazing! Whoever created the castle did a fantastic job!
  • Anala Bruschi

    Espectacular y siempre con cosas nuevas, recomendable 100% !!!
  • Isabelle Franco

  • Denise

    Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a MUST SEE
  • Michelle V. Puleo

    If you get souvenir cups you could get them filled with ice cold water for free :)
  • Nicholas Cavarretta

    For Harry Potter get here early but watch it, they had to close up early because of too many people trying to get in. best bet is at the end of the day, but lines will still be pretty long.
  • Yarelis Garcia

    love the rides especially hulk and dual dragons
  • Rachael Dampier

    If you love a sudden rush; ride the Hulk, and remember the 1st time is always the best!
  • Christy

    You can ask for cups of ice water, don't bother with the drinking fountains.
  • Tine De Cnodder

    Use the single riders lines! It'll save you loads of time and sometimes you're faster than the express line. Except for the forbidden journey at HP, you need to see the inside!
  • Jake Smith

    You don't need to get an Express Pass, the lines move very quickly.
  • Dwayne Kilbourne

    Stay at one of the 3 on-site hotels and get into this park 1 hour early!
  • Eric Westermeyer

    The Pumpkin Juice is disgusting!!!
  • ??Autumn??

    It's really all about the butterbeer!
  • Kirk A

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is awesome! Make sure to ride the ride in Hogwarts at least once and then grab a butterbeer to quench your thirst!
  • nilo freitas

    Universal = Montanhas Russas!!! Yesss :D
  • Graham Chismon

    Make sure you try the Butterbeer! The frozen one tastes so much nicer.
  • Carole Reyes

    when you get here go to HP World first before it gets crowded!
  • Nikki Oberlin

    Don't bother buying your ticket online if you are a Florida resident... You still have to wait in line to go to the regular ticket windows. It isn't any faster.
  • Staci J. Shelton

    Ride the Dragon in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter....Dual dragon coasters at the SAME TIME!!!
  • Joseph D

    Don't forget to get a return pass for Harry Potter.
  • Joe Gauder

    Roller coasters and attractions! Give enough time for each unique island.
  • Sarah Kent

    buy your tickets online and go to will call. you wont have a long ass line to regret. also, its too crowded for anything until 4.
  • Alison Fields

    Makeout Point below Mythos restaurant!
  • Jose Henrique Campos

    Harry Potter is really cool! Despite the f... crowd!!
  • Steve Baratta

    I will never go to Disney again. Universal is awesome and their fast pass system blows Disney's away.
  • Lianne Farbes

    Make sure you get the VIP Express Pass....worth every penny not to wait in the long lines.
  • Brandon

    On my todo
  • Steve Borzoni

    Top 5 must do rides here: hulk coaster, spider-man, Harry potter, dragon challenge and Jurassic park river adventure.
  • Carolina Otto

    The Hary Potter's and the Jurassic Park's ride are the best but I loved everithing!!
  • MNR Almojil

    This park is AMAZING !!! HP world is defiently worth the waits ... Go early and keep the raincoats with you
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Want to learn from the best? Well come play with the Harlem Globetrotters June 24-29 at one of our summer skills clinics. For more information
  • Rob Mehta

    Pizza at the entrance is wood fired and good!
  • Elias Azuz

    Hulk, Harry Potter, Spiderman... Lo mximo!
  • Dwayne Kilbourne

    Of the two main Universal Orlando parks, this one is definitely more targeted towards the thrill seeker!
  • Cary Meltzer

    Must do: Harry Potter World, Dragon Challenge, Hulk, and Amazing Spider Man!
  • Amanda Kolakowski

    Harry Potter ride is definitely worth the wait and there's lots to see inside 'Hogwarts' while you wait. The butterbeer is a definite "must do"!!
  • Ryan Sprake

    Be sure the lines are long enough to justify an Express Pass purchase.
  • Nathen McVittie

    Play 'spot the English people'! Tips: people wearing McKenzie, Carbrini or football/soccer shirts are usually British Citizens.
  • Emiliano Atencio

    Express pass is the way to go! It
  • Travis Martin

    This park is awesome but it was so crowded that we could barely walk around. Every ride was a 70+ minute wait and Harry Potter was at full capacity. It was a Tuesday morning at about 9:30, too.
  • LeenO

    Buy the meal deal package.
  • Calvin Lawliet

    Get to the park early and enjoy all the near empty Islands before going to the always crowded Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  • Tony Polanco

    Best roller-coaster ever...
  • Sam Reyes

    gotta eat at mythos! good portions! good prices! awesome desserts! :) and good environment!
  • Jackie Magallanes

    about to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, attraction. =)
  • Benjamin Coren

    Welcome to the best theme park on earth, get an express pass to beat the queues!
  • Jamie DiGrazia

    Fire eaters grill in the lost continent takes FOREVER. Looks like a short line for food but took an hour to get the nastiest food ever! Got my money back in two seconds tho
  • Brian Goldberg

    Super long lines
  • Anita Colquhoun

    Make full use of the single rider lines. The frozen Butterbeer is the best.
  • Christy

    The park gives a discount for AAA members. Good at gift shops and food places.
  • Don Theo

    Get a free Universal Backpack thingy just for applying for the Universal Amex. I knew I wouldn't be approved so no skin. Talk to the dudes to your right before you get on the people mover.
  • Andreas Brnstrm

    Make sure to check out the Harry Potter World and Hogwarts
  • Jorge Hazael Prez Moysn

    Buen parque, obtn tu Express pass, vale la pena
  • Evelyn Vinocur

    Adoro o Homem Aranha, adoro a Universal!!!
  • Courtney Adams

    The food in Harry potter is good. Make sure to share. The food in Jurassic Park isn't so good. Toon Lagoon is very good for eats. Blondies or Comic Strip Cafe is fabulous.
  • Vivianne Brasileiro

    No deixe de ir nos simuladores do homem aranha, do Harry Potter, a montanha russa do Hulk e a do duelo dos drages. Ah... E na Toon Lagoon, muito bom! ?
  • Tomas Donovic

    Go to the Harry potter castle first, the lines get really long there first. Also, think about going single rider on every ride, it is the only way that you are going to get on all the rides.
  • Rob Mehta

    Avoid the Sinbad show unless you are 7
  • Carlos Oliveira

    Muita gente vai direto para a area do Harry Potter, chegue muito cedo ou deixe para depois de 13h00. Vc vai notar a diferena da quantidade de pessoas.
  • Eduardo C M Neto

    Outstanding diversion at IOA! Must ride on Hulk and SpiderMan... Prefer "single rider" lines or the payed Express Pass to avoid 30-50 min wait time. Low: No free wifi! Overpriced connection...
  • Ayse G.

    Harry potter wizarding world is the best park i ever seen
  • Jackie Becker

    Go to the Wizarding World and get a Butterbeer!
  • Brian Stilson

    Get there early. You'll spend less time waiting for the doors to open than you would have standing in line for the rides if you come later.
  • Jen Chacon-Tidwell

    when u wear black pants, make sure u can't see threw them. the lady in front of us has red underwear on :(
  • Fernanda Bueno

    the best attractions: the incredible hulk coaster, the amazing aventure of spider man and harry potter and the forbidden journey
  • Zanna Huff

    You MUST try the Pumpkin Juice or Pumpkin Fiz from Three Broomsticks in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. SO GOOD!
  • David Maker

    Spiderman ride breaks down... Harry Potter ride ROCKS!
  • Callum S

    The hulk is a bit rough now your head gets bashed about it needs smoothing out
  • Diego Basly

    Harry Potter's simulator, and Spiderman simulator are really fantastic.
  • James Heyward

    Jurassic Park River Adventure usually has a short wait and is one of the best rides at IOA
  • Nuriko Phillips II

    Single riders all day! U get more in faster!
  • Kent Georgi

    Go to #Hulk & #Spiderman first since lines are shortest (walk-on rides) and everyone else is going to #HarryPotter
  • Carllee Curran

    Buy the Express Pass, its completely worth the extra money. With the Express Pass in hand you can easily do this park in one day.
  • Aaron Morem

    wizarding world of harry potter- get your wand, don't wait in line for olivanders just visit the gift shop and tour hogwarts don't ride. finally, go to jurassic park its totally fun and get your cinna
  • David Charon Jr.

    Do you know how late your going to be there tonight?
  • Kat S.

    Get the "Meal Deal" for the day: $19.99 + Tax for UNLIMITED meals at select restaurants! Add $8.99 + Tax for UNLIMITED drinks!
  • Ryan Reister

    Be sure to tip your bartender at The Hogs Head, even if you only buy butterbeer.
  • Erica Jones

    The Express Pass Plus is worth it if it's your first time. Otherwise, single rider line is a free alternative.
  • cmitchb

    Dr. Doom ride isn't worth the wait.
  • Darwin Palma

    I was here about 10 years ago and now again today. Spider-man is still the best ride!
  • P Shep

    Go through hogwarts school giftshop to skip the massive line. Single rider lane will get you there asap
  • Julie D

    Le meilleur parc !!!! J'ai jamais vu un truc aussi bien que harry Potter !!! Super attraction !! Hulk et le challenge du dragon super sensation !
  • Trish McCoy

    Poor management of the Harry Potter stuff! Couldn't get it without a return ticket....line for return ticket was wrapped around half the park!
  • Aris Galatis

    If you are into roller coasters and rides then this is your park. Incredible hulk ride great but short. Spiderman 3D ride is AMAZING! Lots of food and drinking options. Must visit!
  • Benjamin

    Don't have a Butterbeer before the Hulk.
  • Cat H.

    Harry Potter World was great, but I'm not sure it's enough to bring me back. Disney has nothing to worry about, no competition here.
  • Eduardo Miller

    S te gusta la adrenalina....hulk!!
  • Courtney Wendel

    Great place to go with family.
  • Evelyn Vinocur

    Reserve 2 dias pra conhecer tudo!! Minha viagem Disney Novembro 2013!
  • Evelyn Vinocur

    Um mimo de surpresa!! Fica a fica!!
  • Evelyn Vinocur

    Uma super surpresa caiu em nossas mos!!
  • Pedro Canelas

    Brasileiros, fiquem longe do stand da Westgate Lakes. Eles vo te prometer caf da manh, descontos em ingressos, mas na verdade eles querem vender Timeshare. So tticas agressivas de venda, cuidado!
  • Courtney Wendel

    Great place to spend the day with family.
  • Courtney Adams

    Frozen butter beer is best. Don't get too many. Two people can share 1. One for each is too filling. Hulk and both dueling dragons are amazing. The red one is a bit more intense. Over all its amazing!
  • Sara AlBadi

    Get the pictures pass if you have more than 2 with u, GD deal ????
  • Wills Ladd

    Definitely get the Express Pass, you won't have to wait in lines at all
  • Tina Melendez

    Loved the transformer and harry potter rides .
  • Rachel Fisher

    When going to WWOHP walk straight there as soon as you get in and go to the forbidden journey ride! Oh and get a Butterbeer they are delicious :)
  • Chris

    VERY unorganized. Save your money here and go to Disney!
  • Tolga Gler

    Erken gelip millet Harry Potter da kuyrukta iken diger bos aktiviteleri bitirin,once hulk sonra spiderman sonra takilin kafaniza gre.
  • Vero R. #FashionLove ? ? ?

    No hay Wifi!!!! Buuuuu
  • Rob Mehta

    Plan 2 hours for ride wait times at Harry Potter
  • JoeStead Orlando Bestvacationguide

    If visiting Harry potter and lines are long, you can take the less scenic route by going single riders, ride time was 80 minutes for regular line and straight on without taking the tour of the castle
  • Jr Hawkins

    2nd week in november seems like a great time. Cool weather & you just miss the halloween/thanksgiving crowds.
  • Jerry Gannod

    Avoid the Poseidon ride like the plague! By far the worst wait in the history of theme parks
  • Patrick Jones

    The Souvenir Cups are a great deal. 89 cent refills all day is better than 4 bucks per drink. With the weather... You'll be drinking a lot.
  • Marcos Alves

    No hesite em comprar o express ticket!!! Vale muito a pena!!! Imperdvel o castelo do Harry Potter e a montanha russa do hulk!!
  • Ernesto Silva

    Arrive early and run to Harry Potter's Forbidden Journey, then head to Ollivander's and get your Wand
  • Andrew Wehrli

    Felt like a second tier citizen without the express pass. Cost of ticket and pass is over $200. Too much. Classic tourist trap!!!!
  • T Miller

    Gotta ride The Hulk!
  • Brian Schmitt

    Somewhat dissapointed with the Harry Potter ride. The new Spiderman in 3D HD is by far the best ride ever!
  • DRIVEN 1

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is such an immersive experience, that you'll swear you've stepped out of the station and straight into the movie. Butter beer is tasty, but try the pumpkin juice!
  • Jaclyn G

    Go to Harry Potter world before the crowds get there! The extra fast line ticket is not worth its price.
  • willie gerardo

    You gotta get the express pass or you'll be waiting for a long time
  • Lindsay Geiger

    Hulk roller coaster is definitely one of the best that I've been on. Also, Harry Potter world is fantastic, grab a delicious butterbeer or two from there! & the wait for the castle ride is worth it.
  • TJ

    I always have fun here. The Hulk is my favorite Coaster.
  • Judith Gomez

    No olviden subirse a Spider-man
  • Luciana Pergamo

    No pode perder: Hulk, Homem-Aranha, A montanha russa do drago e do Harry Potter!!!
  • Carl Lundi

    Just save yourself some time and go in singles riders lines while all the morons wait 75 minutes to ride a 3 minute-ride.
  • Ralph Vazquez

    Be sure to pack your most comfortable, tattered and worn beat up shoes from the bottom of your shoe pile cause you gotta do a ton of walking!
  • Laurie Solomon

    MIB - want to go back, need a higher score, Harry Potter - awesome, Simpsons - off the charts cool. Don't do the buffet, food was THE worst!
  • Alexander Swaine

    Keep track of the time in the lockers otherwise you may have your money locked away haha
  • Sage Dignan

    Disneys better.
  • Dwaine Bright

    DO NOT come here during spring break. Way too many shit head kids being assholes.
  • Darryl F

    Go to islands of advenure for the rides, they are better and more modern!
  • Mauricio Merino

    No dejen de ir al de Harry Potter, Super experiencia
  • Santiago Child

    Do not rush yourself to buy the Express Pass at the front gate, you can buy them at any place of the park
  • Holly S

    Ladies...if you have a large chest sit on an outside seat on the Harry Potter ride.
  • Shannon Murdock

    Spiderman has been updated and reopens 3/8/12.
  • lyndon luk

    If you arrive when the park opens and want to visit the harry potter area of the park, go rode the forbidden journey ride first to make time
  • Stjepan Radic

    Universal's Islands Of Adventure1000 Universal Studios Plaza (at Universal Orlando Resort), Orlando, FL 32819
  • Bruno Duarte

    Parque Perfeito!!!
  • Mikey Swift

    Ride Hulk first thing to get that adrenaline going...then get to Harry Potter early.
  • Emily Cisneros

    Best. Theme Park. Ever
  • Danny Bressler

    Dooms free fall says 20 minute wait, but it is actually more like 5
  • James Desjardins

    Choose thy fate.....Fire or Ice...oh wait, its been Potter-ized, no big deal, still the same great coaster. And take a ride on The Amazing Spiderman, one of the coolest 3d rides around
  • Eddie Hanshew

    Go during Mid-January for the less time at most attractions
  • Haley Buchanan

    Didn't have an early admission pass but got in right at 9:00 and beat the crowd! Went right to Forbidden Journey and got right on, then to Spiderman Dr Doom and Hulk all within an hour!
  • Crystal Medina

    Seriously use the free lockers, my hubby's iPhone went flying out of his pocket on the hulk coaster!
  • Jacqueline Torgas

    Go see the superheroes!!!
  • Katie Steketee

    Get to harry potter first. Made it there by 8:15 and the wait time wasn't bad.
  • Andrew Violette

    Bring some rum so you can spike your butter beer.
  • Jay Beaver

    6'4" and too tall for hulk, both Potter coasters and Duddly water ride... Never met a Disney ride I couldn't fit... Disapointing...
  • Enrico Pacho

    the food is excellent at Hogwarts, inexpensive and plenty enough.
  • Jay Lumpkins

    At Dragon Challenge, you can skip walking the entire castle again by going through the last door on the left before the exit on the "blue" side.
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