Universal CityWalk

Address: 1000 Universal Studios Plz
Phone: (407) 363-8000
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Category: General Entertainment
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  • Ellen DeGeneres

    This would be a great time to pick up some souvenirs for your friends! And by friends, of course, I mean me.
  • Corey Smith

    Force yourself into tourists' pictures as they take portraits of each other in front of the NASCAR cafe.
  • Kevin Karson

    Cinnabon and Red Coconut...not necessarily in that order...
  • Gregorio Feliciano

    "This is CityWalk not CityTalk so keep walking and don't stand around."
  • Ross McCoy

    Go see the Margarita Volcano explode at Margaritaville in Citywalk.
  • Ross Arrowsmith

    Its like Downtown Disney - but with margarita bars every 10 feet instead of Disney stores!
  • John Murphy

    Go see The Rich Weirdoes perform The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live every second and fourth Friday AND Saturday of every month. Amazing show for ages 17 and up.
  • Kim Randall

    Wear comfy shoes, you'll be doing a lot of walking!
  • Bing

    Food, fun, and fame all around. Make sure you know where youre going: http://binged.it/xwTngT
  • Stephen Weppler

    Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. - Great Food "affordable" prices...
  • Orlando Informer

    Orlando's most exciting entertainment destination offers two levels of dining, shopping and partying. Can you feel the electriCITY?
  • Eric Wall

    Great food at Bob Marley's! I got the "Taste of Jamaica" with veggie & beef patties, mango wings and yucca fries
  • Joanne

    Don'r rush through City Walk - take in some of the sights. Take a picture at the Nascar Sports Grille!
  • Gregorio Feliciano

    Reach the moment of chaos where they play like twenty songs at once.
  • Anthony

    For me it's about 11 minute walk from parking to universal. Time yourself.
  • Steve T

    Visit the service booth across from the AMC theater to get a party pass. Lets you hop around the 6-7 bar/clubs without having to pay a cover every time. Save $$!
  • Brenda

    Great place to hang out with friends. Hit the shops, check out the live bands, and make a stop at the Whopper Bar!!
  • Tina Raulerson

    Sushi and Saki- Best sushi I found I highly recommend the Spicy Tuna Roll
  • Tamara Gray

    Order a Jager Bomb every time a pair of drunk girls starts singing "Don't Stop Believing" at Rising Star Karaoke.
  • Orlando Informer

    Stop by the info booth underneath the staircase and ask for a complimentary coupon book for CityWalk venues and more.
  • Josh Heff

    Look out for brazilians. Theyre everywhere.
  • Lu Calderoni

    Esse o lado do parque com mais adrenalinaaaaaaa
  • Malachi Dior

    Oh yea! best place for groups or couples. They have five different clubs, one latin, jazz/r & b, reggae, pop and rock. Reggae and City Jazz were my fav!
  • Jesus Alejandro Martinez

    apparently it's ON and POPPIN' on Friday nights...
  • Kaile

    The best place to hang out with friends, get something to eat, clubbin, watch live performances, its a lot of fun especially if you like the city life/party life.
  • Dwayne Kilbourne

    Great party spot at night after the parks close!
  • oscar

    The walk from the parking spot to citywalk is longer than walking the entire actual citywalk, just saying
  • Myrlins

    Went to eat at 9:00 pm and around 10:30 pm it got crazy wild. NOT for children, go early if you have kids.
  • Eeryn Falk-Lubicich

    I love this Town;) #Orlando
  • zack crutchfield

    Go check out the cart for the sound activated tshirt lotsa fun for decent price
  • Vanessa Ferrari

    Chegue antes das 9 para estacionar
  • Tammy

    Great place to have dinner if you're in the area! Prices are fairly cheap -- and if you're coming from a Disney Resort, this means a lot!
  • Alberto Velarde

    Buena seleccin de restaurantes y bares que se llenan bastante pero con una espera aproximada de 15 minutos para una mesa. Para ir a la barra es casi automatico. Vayan a Bubba Gump. Lo mximo!!!
  • Matt Wetzel

    Show your Florida Driver's License and get free parking after 6pm everyday!
  • Heath Marton

    If u want a nice local bar atmosphere, pop into Cigarz.
  • Felix Roman

    Try the burger king bar!
  • Ethan Lewis

    Go on a Thursday night for Hospitality Night and get in free and drink specials if you work in the Industry!
  • Eddie Carbo

    Local bands perform here thursday, friday and saturday
  • Ali Alramzi

    ??nice ????????
  • Lauren Peterson

    Florida Residents: show your ID for free/discounted parking!
  • Morenike O'Neal

    Tourist trap but fun for the kids and adults!
  • Eeryn Falk-Lubicich

    Love this place! Shop, Dine, Observe ;)
  • Catherine Z

    FL residents park for free.
  • Rob Mehta

    Free parking after 6!
  • Jake Smith

    Take a picture with the Universal globe.
  • Dwayne Kilbourne

    Lots of great evening entertainment... get your seats early on though, or you might miss out!
  • Zena Weist

    Get out of the parks and eat somewhere on the CityWalk for a break from the crowds.
  • Lauren S

    A great time.. I looooooooove City Walk!
  • Stephanie Rudd

    Farewell JAWS!!!! Our family has really enjoyed this attraction! U will be missed! Bring on Gringots!!!
  • Amy McCracken

    I love Citywalk
  • Renise Alexander

    Get one meal plan per group and just restaurant hop lol
  • Jenifer K

    Make a mental note of where you park tour car. After a few margaritas finding it can be challenging!
  • Scott Rienbeck

    Get tanked before you go and grind on your girl in The Groove Night Club.
  • Lindsey Cruz

    This place is a wackfest. LAME. Don't waste your time or money. Shittywalk indeed!!
  • Brendan Murphy

    More like shittywalk
  • Ross Arrowsmith

    Definitely make lunch and dinner reservations at the kiosk near Bubba Gump as soon as you get into the park.
  • Joshua Perez

    25-30 minutes and growing for Hard Rock - not worth the wait - nothing special - jus sayin
  • @iRepp South

    Come wen all the kids are in school so lines won't take forever lol
  • Fabio

    Amazing!! Always fool of people. The options of restaurants n bars are unbelivable
  • IPC Investigations & Consultants

    For those of you that think the COCA-COLA deal was excellent think again. Parking after 8pm is $12 for HHN23 event. They get you no matter what.
  • Jennifer Martinez

    Those walking through with young children with your family, watch out for the drunks, even when the sun is still up. Nasty stuff seen three days in a row, not a family friendly place at all.
  • Gary Whitehurst

    City Walk is always a happening place in Orlando.. Check it out. It has a lot to offer.
  • Havi Araujo

    Great place to eat, party and have fun!
  • $TEP???lE V

    Great Bars and entertainment and cheap if you get the pass
  • Concierge Orlando

    #DrinkAroundTheGlobe great game! Drink at every bar and have an app every other place!
  • Ronny Saran

    Let's drink!
  • Patrick Huston

    This is an amazing place for random falling also the element shop is sick
  • Jim Wade

    This is really a great place to celebrate New Years!
  • Joe Gauder

    Margarita bars will get your legs loose for walking the strip!
  • Seth Cardoza

    Hurricane at pat O'Brien's is the best bang for your buck.
  • Brittany McCarthy

    Make reservations for the restaurants because the waits are ridiculous. After 6pm its only $3 to park, but it gets busy.
  • Glendushka .-

    Fantstico para caminar y si tienes la posibilidad, de cenar y bailar en tus das de vacaciones!
  • Jamie Pohl

    Orange Avenue plays here sometimes.
  • Chris Burns

    The pre staging area for universal and islands of adventure. I like to hit up Panda Express and follow it with a visit to cold stone creamery!
  • Ehab Bakhrebah

    5 $ parking after 6 pm. Not free.
  • Clarissa Coelho

    Msica boa e muita gente felizzzzzzzz!!
  • Courtney Wendel

    Great place to walk around and have dinner.
  • Courtney Wendel

    Great place to walk around and shop and have dinner.
  • Joyce Cortes Mackenroth

    Great tip for parking: you have to wait until after 6pm and the cost is $5.00. As long as you guys want to stay up late until 2am! Isn't it so cool!?
  • Ciro Ota

    After parks, stay here! Many things to do and to see!
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    June 24-29 come learn from the best! The Harlem Globetrotters will be in town hosting some summer skills clinics. Don't miss out! For more information
  • April Wells

    Plan ahead next time!!
  • Dwayne Kilbourne

    as the midnight oil burns, this place is quite the hotspot! Lots of adult entertainment, so keep the young ones with the babysitter!
  • Pat Siano

    Nothing much to do at Universal unless you like rides and are willing and able to pay lots of money :(
  • Leslie McGinty

    This place put me in pimples. Lol
  • Havi Araujo

    Great place to eat and have fun!
  • Rob Mehta

    Work counterclockwise through the park. Welcome!
  • Prithvi

    Pickup some souvenirs, hang out with friends, grab some food or just simply watch a movie. Bustling place.
  • Namho Lee

    i wish food with people
  • Steve Connelly

    If ur a parent run in the other direction as fast as you can
  • Kaitlin Brinchek

  • Kevin Rough

    Come after 6pm and the price of parking drops from $15 to $5.
  • Thiago Lanes

    I love this place. Mardi Gras was great.
  • Ryan Sullivan

    If you are close by and need some workspace the Starbucks is pretty empty.
  • Chris G

    Make sure you remember where you parked, especially if your going to drink. You'll never find it if you don't. Also don't drink and drive!
  • Tim Linger

    Nice fountain, cl
  • Denise Duncan

    Crazy with people!!!
  • Chad Madden

    Always fun. Eat at Hard Rock. The largest in the world.
  • Jamie Silva

    Free parking after 6pm!
  • Tina Oliver Caparella

    $15 to park!!!!
  • Dei

    Pretty expensive shit all over the place, still nice for dinner and a great night walk...
  • Frankie Acevedo

    Take the boats to the different hotels. Bar at Hard Rock hotel pool is great.
  • Jacinto Serrano

    About to see Blue man Group
  • Kelly Peckham

    The candy store is heaven!!! :)
  • Esther Earnest

    Its amazing how a place like Universal CityWalk makes you feel like your in a different part of the world. This a great place for a date or just with family and friends,I love it
  • Bonnie Lowe-Ruano

    Would love to be there
  • Justeen Keller

    Awesome place to check out!!! Places to eat, shop, or just people watch :)
  • Mark McCormack

    This would be a great time to pick up some souvenirs for your friends! And by friends, of course, I mean me.
  • Cheryl Bloom

    Great exercise! You are having so much fun you don't even know that you have exercised too.
  • sharon webster

    I love shopping for souvenirs and for you too.
  • merry walton

    have lots of cash
  • Pam Letsch

    so this is where you spent MY birthday!! Was it fun???
  • Valerie Casey

    loved it here!
  • Michelle Ngo

    Shop til you drop :)
  • Mike Walter

    Gotta go see blue man group for sure! What an awesome show!! Lots of great resturaunts and bars too! Great place to hang out. Check out islands of adventure too. Great rides! Universals harry potter!
  • Maria Acosta

    Churrascarria has awesome dance music! Most fun of all the bars for me.
  • Cindie Abrams

    would love to go one day
  • Danielle Mullins

    Free parking for Florida residents after 6pm!
  • Tom Kain

    Good entertainment and great food.
  • Kelly McCormick

    Alcoholic beverages bought at city walk CANNOT be taken in the parks. And vice versa.
  • Dave Johnson

    The overhead "Welcome to Universal" sign isn't really all that interesting, so don't feel like you must stop in the walkway to take a photo of it.
  • Chris Shackelford

    No more free parking after 6?!?! Say whaaaaat?
  • Scuba Steve

    Hey while you're here ride my bandwagon @ScubaSteveRadio on the Twitter, yo...
  • Remy E

    Hollywood Horror Nights!!!!
  • Amanda Thurlow

    great place to party!
  • Mike F

    Love going to the movies here. Good place to drink and get a cigar too.
  • Marina Polachek

    Huge selection of Nightlife clubs, restaurants, and stores. Different food cuisines are good in making CityWalk a tourist destination
  • jeanne

    Latin quarters, best nachos and pear martini.
  • Marcy Schepisi

    You should definitely check out Orange Avenue when they play...they ROCK!!!!
  • Brandon Higdon

    Try the maple pork chop with mash potatoes at the NBA Restaurant!
  • Cintia Oliveira

    Very cool place to go at night in Orlando if you're a tourist!
  • Karel Morick

    Visit after sunset, it looks much better than during day.
  • Robert Mcclister

    2.00 dollar sec in the beach shots at the groove. Gettin fucked up. Shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot.
  • Ed Legend

    Can't go wrong with the party pass!
  • Grace Villaverde

    Halloween Horror Night......
  • Paige

    A great mix of day and night life. From fast food to upscale restaurants and clubs, a Cineplex, mini golf course, CityWalk has something for everyone.
  • Nery

    Hard Rock Caf me surpreendeu. Esperava um poser mas foi realmente heavy shit.
  • Noelle Moeller

    Can't wait for Cowfish!
  • Kassandra

    Love coming here! It's a great place to go get drinks with friends and visit the different bars/clubs when no one can decide what they want to do!
  • Felipe Matheus

    Excelente para depois de um dia parque curtir timos restaurantes e atraes noturnas.
  • ????? ???????

  • Larissa Cassaro

    timos restaurantes e lojas! Ir depois dos parques obrigatrio!
  • Michael Hills

    Mini golf, margaritas, and lots of fun for the whole family!!!!
  • Sarita Junqueira Rodas

    Tem otimos lugares par comprar e para comer. O visual lindo. Vale a oena conhecer at pq gratis.
  • Camilo Salamac

    En la noche es ms tranquilo y free parking!
  • Tariq Jawad

    Rising Star karaoke has a live band backing the singers. To much fun!
  • Alonso Pacheco

    Excelente lugar con distintos restaurantes, cafs y shops para compras antes de entrar a los parques.
  • Megan

    Loooove city walk. Great restaurants. Best mini golf. Awesome theatre. Night life is above par and its fun for all ages.
  • MoDi ALDossary

    Cinema, Restaurants and Night life.
  • Cheska Mondares

    I like it here. ?? #nightlife
  • Candy Will-Bailey

    This is the best park! !!!!
  • Amne Harrington

    Love all the new restaurants being put in. Great place for special occasions and to have a good time with friends!
  • Luis Castrodad

    Stop by the skate shop and sample a few boards...
  • Robert Vaughan

    Go to Rising Star, it's a blast!
  • Andre Breaux

    Always love this place. Has lots to do and see before entering the parks.
  • Magdalena Kulisz

    Nothing exciting, except the ice cream ;))
  • Danny Young

    Parking is $5 after 6pm. $10 for preferred.
  • Arlene C

    Easy to reach dog kennel on site &15.00 just have all papers and shots up to date. No reservations taken.
  • Jorge Fernandez Loaiza

    Comprar el fast pass... Pero no en la entrada! Si lo compras en #goldencorral u otro restauran te ahorras 20$... A dems que ahorras muuuuucho tiempo de cola
  • Eeryn Falk-Lubicich

    Always a great time! Entertaining.
  • Igor Carvalho

    timo lugar para entretenimento antes de entrar nos parques, no deixe de conferir a loja da Billabong chamada Quiet Flight, timos produtos a preos justos!!!
  • Carolina Repiso

    uns dos melhores parques de Orlando
  • Hctor Gasiba

    Puros locales, excelente para beber y disfrutar de una noche diferente
  • Susan Fleck

    Free parking after 6 for Fl residents
  • Linda Miklowitz

    FL residents get free parking around 6 pm.
  • Deb K

    Always a good time...even in bad weather!
  • Amaan Jhangimal

    Great place to buy your nba christmas jersey! Lol
  • Tony Soo

    Great place to chill
  • Matt Dunfield

    Kind of dead during the week days but and fun time during the Weekends. Okay who am I kidding this place is fun all the time, this is even better than Downtown Disney now that Pleasure Island is gone
  • Jenn Kostrewski Mammina

    It's not downtown Disney. Just sayin'
  • erik

    Great place to go with family, fun!!
  • Fabi J

    Always a good time!!!!!
  • RaSheed Lemon

    Geez! I finally get my ID which cost me $54 to prove I'm a resident of FL. You're supposed to get free parking after 6. Well b/c there is a special event the lady said $16..WTF!!!
  • Robert Barnes

    The bars out on the boardwalk are the best. No lines, great service and you can watch the world go by.
  • Bruno Pontes

    Vrias atraes!!!
  • Anna Little

    Bubba Gump's Shrimp. Yum!
  • Cunha

    Voltando a ser crianca!!
  • Joao Pereira

    Great place , is excelent to dinner , see a movie
  • Lily Patala

    Good parking Spot wasn't outdoor as like in disneyworld :-)
  • Lucinda Magner

    Fun place to walk around, shop, eat and have drinks!
  • Francis Melchoir

    Just a place to be with family or friends or just to hang out alone if you wanna meet someone new. Great place!
  • Marc Phillips

    No more free parking after 6pm. Due to sequester cuts lmao
  • Mary Martin

    Bubba Gump is worth a wait.
  • Leah-Jean Jett

    Come get a body piercing or tattoo! @Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company!
  • Riley Davis

    Focker out
  • Vanessa Ward

    Very disappointed with Bob Marleys :( We ate there for our honeymoon and both the food and service were awful. It ruined our night.
  • Jason B.

    If you like baby roaches in your 8 dollar burrito, I highly recommend Moe's.
  • Ross Smith

    Looking for hot chicks to take our to a nice seafood dinner at bubba gumps then never call again. It worked on your mom.
  • Rick Boyd

    Wear a raincoat tonight
  • ChrisTopher Bednarly

    Run the wrong way down the moving side walks like a kid!
  • Fujikura Golf

    Another perfect Orlando experience. Must experience while you are in town for the PGA Show!
  • Rosie Hatfield

    The little bar between the Universal store & Emeril's sells Strongbow!
  • Shiori

    Stop by emrils for drinks, check in and get a free canteloupe martini :)
  • Brianna Hardman

    If you want to buy a wand buy it at the gift shop here instead of at Olivander's. So much faster!
  • Abby Porada

    Jessica is the best server!
  • Zulkeira R. Stefchak

    RCC is gnarly
  • Amanda Gordon

    There ops something for everyone here. So much fun! Great drinks and entertainment. Hurricanes are amazing and also try the 44 Magnum at Fat Tuesday if you really want to have a great night!
  • Sierra Martin Persi

    Looked around for a nice sit down that wasn't too expensive couldn't find anything but noisy chain restaurants. Ended up at the mama dellas at the portofino hotel. Really great food and service.
  • Ashia Ackov

    had fun at bob marleys!!
  • Kat S.

    I couldn't remember where the car was parked so instead I went to Happy Hour = Good deals!
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