Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Address: 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd
Phone: (407) 825-2001
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 696849


  • Anna

    BYOG (Bring Your Own Gum)! It is illegal to buy/sell chewing gum anywhere in this airport.
  • Lufthansa

    Welcome to Orlando! You want to get to know the Theme Park Capital of the world better? Let yourself be guided by the Lufthansa travel report. We wish you a pleasant journey.
  • Glen Dong

    Has free wi-fi.
  • Jen Johnson

    Look for the "expert" line in security... a little hidden from the normal lines. Will get through really fast.
  • Tim Morrow

    Beware the "touron". You can spot them by ther mouse ears, overflowing luggage and theme park bounty, exhausted kids and the smell of churos!
  • Ben Martin

    Try the airplanes.
  • Gadling

    Security lines can be brutal at MCO. Be sure to allow plenty of time and bring your patience. You WILL see strollers in the expert traveler line in Orlando.
  • Brandon Leinenbach

    Fly AirTran!!!!
  • Natalie Scott

    I love to just sit and people watch here...
  • Jeff Kershner

    Security is always a mess. Arrive early.
  • Nathan Carr

    Get in early! This place is a zoo!
  • The Zimmerman Agency

    If you're flying JetBlue, which is the only way to go, be sure to enjoy 36 channels of Direct TV and 100 channels of XM Radio!
  • Chauncey

    Big thumbs up on the free wi-fi. It's a little on the slow side, but compared to the cheap bastards at JFK, this is great.
  • Kevin Kelly

    Get all your liquids outa yer carry ons!
  • Mike Jones

    Definitely use the Expert Travel lane if you know what you're doing! It moves faster and easier!
  • Laila K

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    Welcome to Florida! Check out our mobile website for Florida vacation tips on the go! See where to eat, stay & play with our "what's near me now" feature, http://bit.ly/VFMobile
  • Taylor Michie

    Security at MCO is a hassle. It is not the kind of airport where you can get there 15 minutes before the flight closes and still make it. There is always someone holding up the line. Allow 45+ mins.
  • Courtney Maki

    Check it at the outdoor kiosk, they rarely have a line and dont charge extra to check-in there
  • drew bowers

    Walk on the left, stand on the right. Don't stand in the middle of the path.
  • Amola

    Orlando??>> lots of fun attraction can't get bored .. U will miss a lot by not visiting..?????????? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ??? ??????? ????? ?????? ??? ????? ??????
  • schneidermike schneidermike

    Go see a mouse while you're here.
  • Laila K

    ????? ??????? ??? ??????? ????????? ??? ??????? ????????? ???????? ???? ????????? ?????????? ??????? (?? / 25 - 28)....
  • Taryn Pisaneschi

    The security checkpoint system here is a total disaster with no lines and people being put into herds of cattle. Give yourself ample time for the process.
  • Jenny Morrison

    Play in the fountain in the middle of the airport. Security won't say a thing.
  • Michael Taylor

    If you are looking for Starbucks in the main terminal building, it is on the 3rd floor, on the A side wall, next to Hudson Booksellers, by the security check for gates 60-129. Dark Cherry Fraps rule!
  • Corey McCabe

    Plz arrive early for check in. Thanx
  • Meyvemix Juice

    Welcome to Orlando :)
  • PopWrapped!

    One of the great airports in the USA that offers free wi-fi! Leave plenty of time to clear security, as there is a LOT of international traffic here, due to Walt DisneyWorld and Universal Studios.
  • Bob Zmuda

  • Melissa Wykle

    The starbucks in terminal A either takes a lot of pride in their work or are the slowest starbucks I have ever been too! You'll need 2 hours to get coffee and 15 to get through security.
  • Ed Bellah

    Disney Magical Express service is awesome! Got on without making a reservation, as long as your staying at a select Disney resort. No hastles whatsoever.
  • Sherri

    Majority of food options are before Security, in the hotel or the food court. Only vegan options in the B Concourse is at Smoothie King (cookies, nuts, and smoothies without milk powder + soy protein)
  • Scott Marinoff

    get here early! slowest security in the country...
  • April

    Oh my! Plan ahead and give yourself some time. The security lines at this airport sadly are unorganized and chaotic - at best. Good Luck... may the travel force be with you!
  • Jeff Minsky

    Not to business travelers in Orlando Airport: there is an Expert Traveler lane to get through security if you aren't traveling with a group or family/kids. You don't have to be Elite Access.
  • Keri Kae Nacin

    Avoid traffic when picking up MCO arrivals by picking them up at the airport's departures lane instead!
  • Monica T

    Worst security I've seen. Why is everyone so slow here???
  • Nathaniel Boxx

    Check out SeaWorld
  • Ross McCoy

    Get through Security here without having to take your shoes off.
  • Hector S

    Remember you can opt out of the radiation filled full body scan
  • Mike Mercurio

    Free Internet is awesome
  • David Turner

    Virgin America Airlines coming soon! inflight wifi, live TV and amazing cabin service!
  • Joe Mescher

    Love jetBlue!
  • Chad Wise

    Worst security airport lines in the country. Get there earlier...no organization.
  • Jeff Glasson

    Bring your own chewing gum. It's against airport policy for merchants to sell it. Apparently it causes maintenance problems...seriously?!
  • Elizabeth Baranik

    If flying Southwest check in outside. Quick and Friendly staff!
  • James Davis

    Go fly somewhere or pick up someone
  • Chad Ferris

    If in terminal A, southwest gate 102 has comfy leather seats with power outlets in everyone!! You're welcome!
  • Ricky Potts

    This airport rocks. Lots of great restaurants and shopping to do with long layovers.
  • Nicole Lippman

    Look for the "expert travelers" security line. It will save you a ton of time.
  • Jay Thompson

    Visit the Zillow booth at NAR Annnual!
  • Alex Vieira

    Aeroporto igual ao de Guarulhos. Mahuahauahuahaa.
  • Susan Scrupski

    Free wifi.
  • Christian Galloway

    Low fares to and from Orlando at www.airtran.com!
  • Dru Dalton

    If you are picking someone up late night, eg midnight, from terminal A, drive up to the "departures". It's dead up there and you can sit and wait in your car w/o getting yelled at every two minutes.
  • Tim Morrow

    Beware the "touron"
  • ??Autumn??

    The people mover is NOT a ride!!!!! Get out of my way!!!!
  • Alex Froimovich

    There is a small section for "expert travelers" in the middle of the 2 main security sections. Th only way to go through security in less than half hour!! No frequent flyer lines either!
  • Garrett Lexell

    Got an awkward pat down by security, and my shit was moved out of sight until the process was over. Not friendly, and very unnecessary. Have fun avoiding a "random security screening"! :D
  • Donia

    Get there early! Security lines are ALWAYS long, no matter time of day/night. Also, if you have a questionable [arab] name, prepare to be 'randomly selected' for search. I always am.
  • Bari Dzomba

    Watch out for poorly marked sunpass toll.
  • Christine Brumback

    If you check baggage be sure to bring your patience.
  • Jason Keath

    Go see Walt and tell him I said hi.
  • Samsonite

    Enjoy the magic of Orlando, Disney or no Disney at the Orlando International Airport. The food court houses a 3,000-gallon aquarium with 100+ sea critters.
  • Scott Z

    Giant Airport, long lines, lots of food selection, clean and well decorated
  • Derek

    Please keep your dirty, fat, smelly, little, sticky, annoying and/or ugly child(ren) under control. They are only adorable to you. (Thanks, the Traveling Public)
  • Todd Miller

    #16 busiest airport in the US.
  • Sadat S

    Wireless internet access (wi-fi) is available in all public areas of the airport and is provided free of charge. These Access Points use the SSID "Internet".
  • Alison W.

    Some of the best airport shopping to help pass the time before you pass through security!
  • Michal Wilson

    Always long security lines. Try the expert traveler line away from entrance.
  • Telcel Oficial

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  • J.Webber

    Fly Southwest and Frontier rent from Enterprise, National or Alamo. Go to Disney.. And spend lots of money
  • Jim Lynch

    Wi-fi is hit and miss. For best wi-fi go to the circular waiting area just outside the gates near some of the shops and where you can see the Hyatt hotel rooms this has best wi-fi service, couldn't g
  • Gabriela Irizarry

    Use the cell lot
  • Patrick Graham

    If you are traveling alone... Look for the "expert" security line... Way less people!
  • Kim Stolz

    Macaroni Grill's chicken parm is amazing. Whoa.
  • Janell H

    Ditto on the 'expert' security lane. No waiting/stopping at all for me; 45 min for tourons!
  • Ethan Spence

    if u are looking for food in terminal A, I recommend eating before security. Terminal A has a mexican place, a burger joint, a italian place, and ice cream
  • Shawn

    I practically live here
  • David Oddo

    Don't let your kids play on the escalators and moving walks
  • Sterling Raphael

    Get Clear card and never wait for security
  • Mike Kerry

    If you are picking someone up don't mess with parking security at the pickup gate, you will not win a fight with them!
  • Tom Jolly

    I've found security very efficient here considering the usual traffic. It's normally packed but flying out today - a Wednesday - at midday, there was no line at all.
  • _ Sezer zkara

    Look for the "expert" line in security... a little hidden from the normal lines. Will get through really fast.
  • Travis Liberty

    Don't forget to check out before departing MCO, the Disney EarPort. And directly across Universal Orlando Resort Store!
  • Fins and Fluke

    Welcome to Orlando! Instead of visiting SeaWorld, why not go on a whale-watching cruise? It's far more thrilling & educational to see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat!
  • Steven B

    If you have about $200 to spare, look at the Clear Registered Traveler program... You can have a "FastPass" through security
  • Marissa May

    MCO uses electronic boarding passes. If your airline uses them and you have a smart phone take advantage!
  • Eddie Blanche

    Avoid checking bags at all cost!
  • Erika Fiorenza

    I see no difference in lane selection. Once you have your boarding pass checked you are just lumped together with everyone else, 'expert' or not. Poor organization here.
  • Brian McLarnon

    Long Lines
  • Rae Hoffman

    Expert traveler security line saved this business traveler connecting in a short window a *ton* of time. Thanks so much for the tips guys!
  • David Kobia

    If u can check-in before u get to the airport families with kids and tons of luggage will slow u down otherwise
  • Josh Hallett

    We miss you CLEAR
  • Orlando Informer

    Why doesn't the Universal store here sell butterbeer??
  • ZocDoc

    Welcome to Orlando, we hope you have a great time here! Feeling under the weather after all that travel? Remember you can book a doctor appointment using ZocDoc online or from your smart phone!
  • Andrew Sims

    Consistently the worst wifi at any airport I've gone through. Sadly the only good thing about it is its free. But useless.
  • Ashley Hollier

    Slowest. Security. Ever.
  • Mew809 Weigel

    It's like being at Disney
  • Andre McIntosh

    not a very bust airport, easy check in. easy to get to the gate. wifi and cell service is hit or miss in some areas. just be careful, especially close to the jetblue gates
  • Janene H

    Free parking in the garage for 20 minutes. There is a cell lot for waiting south of the terminal near the Red Lot.
  • Mathew Mincks

    At 5AM everyone just wants to get to their destination.
  • Monica T

    I honestly hope I don't miss my flight. These people need to work faster. I was on time.
  • Jose T

    don't leave valuables in the open...
  • Diego Curutchet

    One of the most efficient airports I ve ever been
  • Joe Webb

    Orlando Airport: Where 2/3rds of travelers are children.
  • Darren Lachtman

    Paid $10 for the even more speed pass which is best money ever spent. Just bypassed 1 hr long holiday security line in 5 min.
  • Robin Jones

    This is how AirTran repairs there seats, OMMG!
  • Jim Hobart

    Professional portrait photography at our downtown Orlando studio, or at your hotel, condo or home. Macbethphoto.com, FB.com/macbethphoto or twitter.com/macbethphoto
  • Scott B

    Disney World!
  • Jason Keath

    Avoid the Magical express to Disney hotels. It is neither magical nor express.
  • Amy Skeens

    WiFi Here Sucks! Booooo
  • Chris Shackelford

    TSA, don't touch my junk!
  • Andy @hust0058

    Leave long lines at the attractions and use the Expert Traveler lane to fly through TSA. Unless you're not an expert.
  • Anil Dash

    Don't make my mistake: There *is* a black diamond (experienced traveler) lane here at security! Use it.
  • Greg Wathen

    Families and SLOW people please stay out of the expert traveler lane! Thanks - the management!
  • DJ Renegade

    Expert line is gone. It's now a Clear lane.
  • Shawn Bonneau

    Lots of non-stop destinations on jetBlue Airways
  • Michelle L.

    if you're not travelling with small children and can be organized with your liquids, etc, use the expert traveller security line. it's speedy!
  • Nan

    If TSA is walking around with a clipboard and you make eye contact, they'll choose you to hold a paper to see how long it take to get through security.
  • John Jordan

    Security can be hit or miss. Made it through in less than 10 minutes yesterday. If the lines long, look for the expert travelers line. incredibly fast!
  • Brent Zwirn

    Qdoba on terminal side # 1 serves an amazing breakfast buritto in the AM
  • David Griner

    DO NOT rent from Advantage Rent-a-Car. Terrible service, long waits, high fees, etc.
  • Jennifer Newell

    United and Continental operate together now but are on different terminals, so double-check with security or ticketing that you have the right terminal
  • Travis

    Security is usually rough. Expect to need more time. Also beware of people who are not savy travelers in the Experienced Traveler line.
  • Phil Hamlin

    Two words: Exit row
  • Anay Katyal

    Terminal 23 has a great restaurant if you're hungry.
  • Chris Burns

    One of Floridas bigger airports. Allow extra time for security because it's so busy.
  • Nicole

    MCO has to be one of the most inefficient airports in the US (Tied with IAH!!). They need to remodel and/or expand. AirTran hub...shocker! ARRIVE HERE EARLY!
  • Rod Begbie

    The line for the TSA ride is pretty long. Get there just as the park opens, or use FastPass.
  • Atilla Bingl

    Orlando'ya hosgeldin :)
  • Cristiano Martins

    Os aeroportos brasileiros so lixo mesmo... Infelizmente.
  • Luba Winter

    It's one of the best Airports! Love it!
  • Jay Thompson

    If you are here for NAR Annual, hopefully you packed a spare liver.
  • GayHills GayHills.Com

    The security point takes ages - Get prepared, our recommendation in GayHills.Com
  • Tommy ? Bayshore

    Leave early because security lines take forever...
  • Jennifer

    My House Fitness! Best trainers and most exclusive studio in central fl! Check it out!
  • Bayram Annakov

    Missed your flight or lost baggage? Track flights, explore airports and chat with others using this free iPhone app: App in the Air
  • Shaun Dakin

    Security is hell
  • Christine Z.

    Slowest baggage claim on the planet.
  • Dameon Nelson

    The worst TSA operation I have ever seen. #Brutal
  • Nan

    If you see a guy in a tuxedo, his name is Kai. Say hello and ask him his preference between BlackBerry or Android.
  • Sterling Raphael

    Get to the front cabin of the monorail / train to get the quickest departure
  • Chris Loper

    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, order any kind of coffee from the ZaZa stand next to terminal 33, this place is a joke, serving coffee topped with hot water and syrup as a latte. Should be shut down.
  • Erin Graziani

    Free wifi! :-) Security is a little bit of a mess though.
  • Jared Overdrive

    Mco security chek point blowz cok - they are like the only airport without a sky priority lane. Die
  • Marques Robinson

    Fly Jet Blue!
  • Cynthia Glace

    There isn't much to do when you get past security.
  • Andrew Weiss

    Watching TSA handle security at MCO makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.
  • Jamie Brooks

    Buy your gum before you arrive...they don't sell it here
  • Jenn Yglesias

    TSA are always in a bad mood and never help or answer questions, so don't bother asking
  • Tayguara Helou

    Free wireless internet t. The food court, terminal A.
  • Mark Carter

    All I want is my TSA badge!
  • Jayson Whelpley

    Long delay? Haven't gone thru security yet? Head up to the Hyatt lobby for some comfy chairs!
  • Ryan Reister

    Expert line is going away to make room for Clear. :(
  • Brett H.

    Get there early, long lines at TSA! The "expert" line will soon be going away as MCO welcomes back "Clear".
  • Raine T

    Sucks. Really just sucks. The people there are rude and condescending.
  • Todd Hill

    Avoid the overpriced tourist shit here and get it ANYwhere else.
  • Cassandra Peindl

    Great experience renting fro, Alamo. Use the kiosk to check-in.
  • Eliot Bugda

    Severe weather (eg. Lightning storms) can delay your baggage for up to an hour.
  • Kelly Singleton

    Nice airport. Note that the airport code is MCO and not OIA!
  • Felix Bueno

    They are not slow Monica, you are just late.
  • Joe Veloira

    Love the cel lot!
  • Rae Quigley

    Arrive VERY early. WORST security checkpoint ever. Missed my flight because security took over an hour and a half
  • trevor r

    The expert traveler line is indeed a good 20 mins faster. Look for the black diamond where line starts or ask security
  • Kurt Nelson

    Check out terminal top parking, same price as normal but far more convienent.
  • Eric Johnson

    Highly recommend the Express pickup. They will search your car, but it's like being a VIP after that.
  • Gene Chuang

    Get a picture of the kids at the Mickey mural before leaving!
  • Edward Obura

    Don't forget to book your airport parking by visiting www.letsgoparking.com to start off your travels stress free. ?Fully paved lot for just $2.89/day and located just 5 mins from the airport terminal
  • @FawziAlkadi

    Limited dining options beyond security check. Grab a bite before you go in.
  • Rosa?? {Loly07}

    If you are a coffee drinker like myself, this is one of the most friendlier starbucks (JetBlue Terminal)
  • Chris Roberts

    If your flying Southwest and your bag is over 50 pounds curb check it with the skycap and tip him $5 they almost never weigh it. Over weight bag costs $75 on Southwest
  • Eric Flausino ??

    Primeiro mundo! Bem-vindos a Amrica! Organizao, arquitetura moderna e maravilhosa. Feliz quem possui Aeroportos desse porte em seu territrio!
  • Leleo ??

    Excelente atendimento e ainda tem msica clssica!!!
  • Luciano Metz

    Tudo muito tranquilo e fcil de entender. O carro eu aluguei com antecedncia e o retirei no prprio Aeroporto. A devoluo do mesmo tambm foi muito fcil.
  • Mike English

    Wear sox, especially when you step on those yellow feet in the TSA body scanner #toefungus
  • Nathan Guenther

    Don't worry too much about parking in the wrong terminal, really doesn't matter once you're inside they are connected and right next to each other.
  • Christine Baldasare Ramirez

    Picking up grandsons
  • CRATEinteriors

    Breeze thru long congested tourist lines at TSA in the discretely marked Expert Check In Lane reserved for premiere access.
  • Doug Phair

    Tsa Pre line won't work if you are flying JetBlue... But agent will usually have mercy on you and let you ahead of more speed line
  • Penny Ashley-Lawrence

    If you can't decide if you should start a family, one trip to this airport will convince you to be permanently sterilized.
  • Camilo Herrera

    Un gran aeropuero... amplias zonas de descanso y excelente logstica para facilitar los desplazamientos dentro y fuera del lugar
  • Terrance Shroyer

    Dont forget to put your knife in your bag.
  • Jill Plotke

    TSA Pre-Check is the way to go. 5 minutes through security :-)
  • Veronica Ward

    Security here is a mess. Incredibly crowded with lots of families, bring your patience
  • Zach Jaydon

    Security here can be a real nightmare, & most airlines require ALL checked bags to be checked 45-60 minutes before a flight, NOT the typical 30. Give at least 90-120 minutes to clear security & board.
  • Jill Baker

    There's pretty much always pee on the toilet seats and poo on the ground in the women's restrooms... especially by the end of the day. Watch out.
  • Christianna Reinhardt

    Definitely allow 90 minutes to get through security and on a domestic flight. Security seems to be perpetually understaffed here.
  • Nick Jordan

    Worst. Airport. Ever.
  • Vero R. #FashionLove ? ? ?

    El Aeropuerto Ms Lindo que vi!!!!
  • Mike C

    Airport has Pre Check, near the clear lanes on the opposite side of the family lanes.
  • Charles Calabritto

    For a little added luxury, treat yourself to 2 toilet seat napkins in the bathrooms by the food court!
  • Rob Mehta

    Plan to ALWAYS get here 2 hours before your flight-security takes forever.
  • Chris Koller

    No... Your Costco size bottle of hair gel is not as essential as your Xanax... Get it out of your carry on or get out of line!
  • Jacqueline Williams

    The person that cleans the restroom is NOT people friendly. I think she needs a hug. :(
  • Gail Kelemen

    People watching
  • Renato Seixas

    Passageiros Us Airways tente fazer o checkin e despachar as malas do lado de fora do aeroporto no final da ala b.
  • Monique Rubin @ Mo Travels

    Free wi-fi. Yes!!!
  • Caitlin C

    There are very few healthy AND tasty options in terminal A!
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